Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Legends last night together


(a situation after SPM where all the student stay one last night together and the character mostly from UKM girls)

 “Farhana ! Quick get into the picture!” Fatimah barked from the camera. The younger girl who had been previously fooling around, ran to her spot and the 25 of them turned to the camera and posed. Fatimah had set the timer and just before it went off, An-Nur sneezed, ruining the picture.
            “How many poses have we been doing since morning?” Fatimah complained.
            “More than I can count.” Even Khafiza was getting impatient. The girls had an entire feast waiting for them. All they had to do was get through the darn photoshoot.
            Hafiza walked to the camera. “Okay, one last time. Everyone let’s all focus. Remember this is for our memory. We can make it as dorky as possible.”
            The word ‘dorky’ seemed to be the signal for them to unleash their inner idiots. Even though they had been going for a more serious pose previously, they were now shifting and moving. Hafiza walked behind them and squeezed herself in between Wilda and Ain. She placed her arm around them. “Smile, my sons!”
            The comment made them all look at her. It was a slow reaction but they all laughed again and Fatimah wrinkled his nose. “I thought you weren’t into playing house.”
            “Hey. I just don’t like being married to you.”
            Fatimah rolled her eyes. “At least give the kids a mom. Have a heart Hafiza. At least let them have this on our second anniversary.”
            It was fun playful banter and all of them got ready for a more serious pose once more. Once the pictures were done, they were given one each. It was refreshing to have the whole day off after SPM and to be able to eat together, peacefully, talking with one another. At night, they all gathered again in the room and Nadhilah spoke.
            “We should share our toughest moments in school and our happiest. I’ll go first. Becoming a senior was tough. I started off just wanting to spread my passion on studying, well, for life. And the senior life wasn’t something that really resonated with me. I wanted to quit but I figured I had this chance so that was hardest. Happiest moment was when all the 73 of us sang our choir song together passionately. I guess it was because we trained in a short time and it was just a sweet moment.”
            An-Nur batted his lashes, still joking around before the atmosphere became too emotional. “You mean the happiest moment wasn’t when you found out you were in the same room with me last year?”
            Farhana aimed a kick at her legs causing her to groan in pain. “ Stop spoiling the mood will you! Okay, moving on.”
            Lerra looked around. “Hardest moment for me wasn’t my senior life. It was really when I wanted to study. I wanted so badly to excel  with you guys and you always seemed so busy. I just felt so left out. You guys came to class and you were so tired and I wanted to ask for help in my study cause sometime I couldn’t catch up on our subject. But I couldn’t, so that was a really dark time for me. The happiest was when we organized our own Teacher’s Day event. I still remember the exhilaration of looking at the dark crowd that suddenly blossomed into the a long queue of candles brought by us and Hizaam was singing Sir Linggi’s songs. That was beautiful.”
            An-Nur cleared her throat. “Uh, I guess for me it was adjusting to this school. I was still a mama-girl and the school was intimidating. You all had been together and I was the new addition. I thought Auni was mad at me mad that I’m increasing the number of member in her room but all she did was smiled and tried to take care of me.’” The girl coughed again and looked at the floor. “And I really appreciate that. The happiest moment was when we gone for a camp at Kampung Sukan because I was finally get along with other LL member and it was a beautiful moment.”
            Auni was quiet for a moment. “Aw man. I guess hardest part was as a senior again and again. And losing my sleep because that was difficult. Happiest moment would be when we played with our teacher on Teacher’s Day.”
            “Hey I praised you and you don’t even mention me!” An-Nur shoved Auni.
            Auni laughed. “ Why would I? I don’t want to be responsible if your noses had been expanding and burst. It would be disgusting.”
            Olivia thought quietly. “I wouldn’t say there were any outstanding difficulties but I guess one of the hardest parts was not being able to sleep. Studying is tiring and even at the last minute we slept so late to study. But I’ve learned to take it from a positive view. I’m most happy when I found out I’ll be free from the school. But still I’m happy here in school it’s because I had such wonderful people I could learn from.”
            Fatimah leaned her head against An-Nur’s knee. “I had to leave my parents and so that was hard. But I had a dream and I wanted to see it come to fruition so I’m happy. I had to work hard and like Olivia said, I had a lot of people to look up to.” There was a catch to her voice and An-Nur  patted her  head. By now all the girls were misting over. “And I was most happy when we did our first hostel party together. That was fun when we were doing the plan together. It really helped me grow up a lot.” Hanani stated .
            Nadia suddenly stands up. “We’ve come a long way. But our dream was to conquer the SainsRi’s SPM records. And it’s happening. Let’s keep going and encouraging one another until that happens and even then, beyond?”
            “Legends on three! One,two,three!!” Farhana shouted
            “LEGEND THE BEST!THE BEST! THE BEST!” all of them shouted together.

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