Friday, 22 January 2016

its all lies


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Her hands snaked behind his neck and she let out a tiny moan as he nibbled on her bottom lip. His hand traveled down her back and she bit his earlobe. There was a shrill ringing and she pulled away. Her eyes narrowed when she saw him reach into his pocket for his phone. She huffed. Yongguk merely gave her a sheepish smile and turned it off.
            “Sorry about that. My alarm.” The lie was effortless, but nevertheless, she appreciated it. She ran a hand through his hair.
            “Hmm, alarm. So we can continue?” He grinned and once more bent his head to touch her lips.
            When he went home, he found her sitting on the bed, swinging her legs. She brightened when she saw him wak in. “Yongguk! Where have you been? I called but it was cut off.”
            “Work,” he said shortly.
            She bit her lip. “Oh. Well, you’re home now. That’s what matters. yongguk , were you bitten by a mosquito? Your neck is red. Let me see!” her voice was filled with worry. She tiptoed, placing her hands on his shoulders and looking at his neck. He jerked away, nearly making her fall over.
            “Nothing. Just scratched myself a little too hard. There was a pimple there and this happened.”
            She giggled and patted his cheek. “Oppa’s so silly.” She smiled at him and took his hand gently in hers. “Are you hungry?”
            Daehyun shrugged and slipped his hand out from hers. “I ate already. The members and I went out to eat.”
            She paused and nodded slowly. “Did Himchan go with you?”
            It was a strange question to ask but he nodded anyway. “Yeah, we all went.” She was quiet and just nodded again.
            “Okay. So I guess I’ll eat by myself then.” She stopped before walking out. “Oppa, sleep well!” She blew him a kiss and he caughit it and nodded at her.
            She was driving him crazy. Every single day, there was a text from her telling him to stay happy, telling him that she loved him, telling him to eat well. If he wanted to be babied, he would have just stuck with his mother. Sometimes, Yongguk would reply, but othertimes, he would just pretend that he hadn’t seen it.
            It was a relief for him to turn right instead of left and walk down three blocks in the wrong direction so he could see the other one instead. She treated him like a man. She didn’t baby him, didn’t need him. And he liked her for it.
            He didn’t know that they were being watched. On the rare day, he took the other girl out to the park. She had wanted him to show her how much she liked him. He had agreed because who would go to a shady park in the nearby neighborhood? But as he partd from the kiss, he saw her. He saw his girlfriend standing by the entrance, with Himchan next to her. The reaction that came on was too strong to ignore. It was guilt.
            He went home to see her immediately. But she was already packing her bag. She was moving with a fury he has never seen. “Babe,” he called out.
            She turned to him, her bag completely done. She worked fast. “It’s over, Bang Yongguk. It’s over. I don’t want to see you. I really hate you. So much. I can’t do this anymore. I’m done.” Her voice didn’t catch. There were no tears. She stepped past him and that was it.
            He tried calling her. But she never picked up. This time it was her whose phone went to voicemail and her phone that was wracked with texts and messages. But she never bothered to respond once.
            “Pick up please. I’m not a good person. I know I’m a jerk and I can’t be a real man. I didn’t tell you I loved you. I was a fool, a coward. Please. I know I need you now. Please, come back to me.”
            He told himself he could get over it, would get over it. But it was all lies. He found their old photo albums, a diary of their years together and he cried. When Himchan found him sobbing, he only asked, “Why did you keep lying to her? She knew when you lied about going to eat with us. She never wanted to believe it. I had to tell her though. I didn’t want to see her get hurt.”
            Yongguk  hung his head. “If she can just grab my hand again like nothing happened, I would heal all the wounds in her hurt. I would never let her go.”
            His best friend gave him a wan smile. “It could be a little too late for that. Save it for our next album. Those are pretty lyrics.”
            “Why?” Yongguk asked him.
            Himchan shrugged. “You took her from me only to hurt her. I couldn’t watch it happen. The way you acted around her; it was all lies anyway. She doesn’t deserve someone like you.”

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